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Welcome to Wedding Belles in Clarksville TN's New Blog about everything from wedding dresses to formalwear and beyond!

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Hello Belles and Beaus! 

Hey y’all! I’m Tracey and I will be your guide to all things formal wear and bridal in Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky. 

A little bit about me…I was born and raised in Clarksville, TN. I am currently 40 and I’m fairly certain I shall remain here. I have no desire to keep doing this aging thing! Sam and I have been married since 9/21/2013.

farm wedding

We are the proud parents to 3 amazing, smart, handsome boys…who happen to have 4 paws! Mom life is ruff and awesome all at the same time. <3 I am also a super proud aunt/TT to four amazing, beautiful, smart, young ladies and one handsome little man. They make my heart happy and melt me into a puddle of mush!   

tshirt design

You might wonder how we ended up here and who is this girl who thinks she knows things about fashion? 

Well, I am the first to admit, I had zero concept about fashion as a kid, muchless wedding dresses. I ran around outside following my grandpa while he fed his animals. We had rabbits, pigs, llamas, goats, and a rooster named George. I loved the goats the most and you could find me out there packing around random baby goats or having head butting contests with Gruff. We had cats and dogs and even a ferret. There was little need for fashion on a farm, that’s for sure! The people in my house weren’t exactly fashionistas, much less fashion forward.

farm picture bird house

The spring of my 8th grade year Mom and I moved off the farm in the country and into a neighborhood. All my friends around us were guys so they weren’t concerned with fashion. I learned some things about fashion trends at school, but I knew very little about high end. What little I did know came from Cosmo and Vogue. Mind you this was in the 90’s so let’s go ahead and get this out there. Yes, the trends were awful! I admit it. I was a tad on the rounder side, so I didn’t, thankfully, participate in most of those Christina Aguilera/ Brittany Spears driven trends of the late 90’s/ early 2000’s. Side note: Please Gen Z leave the super low-rise jeans in the past! Not every trend needs a comeback story. 

Fast forward though high school and into my 20’s I had some great friends who got me into makeup, fashion, and more. Thanks to a dear friend of mine, Alicia, I was introduced to Carrie Bradshaw.

Carrie Bradshaw

Anyone who knows me knows my adoration for Sex and the City. It became a slight obsession for me. The fashion, the characters, the relationships, the actresses who played my beloved characters, the hustle and bustle of NYC, the runways, and all things glam that happened on screen for six season and two movies.   I dreamed of being Sarah Jessica Parker especially — I hold them all in high regard, but there was something about her I just wanted to live her life. SJP's style, both on and off-screen, captivated me, especially that of her iconic character. The mere notion of indulging in writing about my passions while draped in fabulous attire and adorned with stunning shoes was truly a dream life. In my early twenties, my reality was starkly different here in Clarksville, TN than that of NYC. I'm not one to uproot and transplant myself across the country. So, I remained here, navigating my mundane desk job, and vicariously experiencing the adventures of the SATC cast from the comfort of my own couch with a glass of wine. 

Sex and the City Cast

I have always watched runway shows as I could, read articles in magazines, and searched through the best and worst dressed lists online with my own opinions ringing in my ears. I’ve spent countless hours just surfing styles and trends.

Fast forward to 2012, Christmas to be exact, my honey popped the question! I said YES! Well I think I just nodded my head up and down really, really fast! 

engagement ring

So that January we started planning our wedding. That is when I realized I KNEW NOTHING ABOUT WEDDINGS!

After a deep breath, I found myself consumed by wedding fever! I delved into blogs, devoured wedding magazines, and eagerly sought out tales of weddings from everyone I knew. I was searching Pinterest, Etsy, Blogs, basically anywhere and everywhere to create the perfect wedding for us. Even before the rustic barn wedding trend took off (this was back in 2012-2013, y’all), I had already envisioned a wedding filled with burlap, pearls, and lace on a farm because I grew up on a farm, so it just felt natural.

wedding rings mr and mrs burlap lace roses

One thing was certain: I wanted to wear cowboy boots because of my Papaw. Since we lived with him until I was in my teen years, he was the dad in my life. All my childhood he designed cowboy boots and always brought them home for us. Wearing cowboy boots was a way he could walk me down the aisle even though he had passed away ten years prior. Side note they had a throwback collection that year with HIS DESIGNS! 

However, I was clueless about budgeting and where to even start. All I was certain of was flaunting my ring and orchestrating the wedding of my dreams. Yet, I quickly realized that weddings had evolved drastically from the days of chalky mints, punch, and cake. My first wedding had been anything but a production. I had a simple church ceremony with just family and no reception back in 2001. But this time around, I knew I wanted bigger, better, and bolder. I found The One and anything else just would not do! I navigated and wadded through the world of weddings with the help of my aunt who had helped plan and coordinate weddings for years. I ended up with exactly the wedding I wanted. 

Bride and groom detail picture

Feeling the pressure to excel at our newly opened bridal store, Wedding Belles, I realized a passion for fashion wasn't enough. While I had a clear understanding of how I didn't want customers to be treated, my knowledge of the wedding and fashion industry was lacking. Determined to bridge this gap, I dove headfirst into studying. I devoured books and resources as swiftly as possible.

Wedding Belles

Since then, I've immersed myself in a multitude of courses spanning fashion, bridal, and event planning. Alongside these formal studies, I've garnered invaluable hands-on experience working alongside brides and grooms. Each encounter has brought forth a unique amalgamation of visions, styles, budgets, and cultural backgrounds, enriching my comprehension of the multifaceted realm of weddings. In working with formal gowns, I’ve followed trends, projections, red carpets, runways, and hands on experience in what is needed for formal events, proms, and galas.  

two brides in wedding gowns

This blog serves as an insider's perspective on all things fashion!

Ranging from bridal gowns and designers to wedding venues, catering, photography, and floristry. Expect to find a treasure trove of tips and advice covering every aspect of the bridal journey. Whether you're deliberating between a DJ or a live band or seeking insights into crafting a small wedding on a shoestring budget, this blog is your go-to resource for navigating the intricacies of the wedding world. 

Moreover, we'll delve into the realm of formalwear fashion. From dazzling red carpet events to memorable prom nights and glamorous pageants, we're here to guide you through the ever-evolving landscape of fashion styles and trends. Join us as we unravel the intricacies of formal wear fashion and celebrate the artistry behind each breathtaking ensemble.

event ballroom

You’ll find opinions, tips, tricks, interviews and more in the upcoming entries. Since my love for fashion began with 94 episodes filled with high end fashion, it only makes sense to carry it on in my title. 

So welcome to my blog Carried Away: The Prom Bridal and Wedding Chronicles

xo tracey

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23 de jun.

Honored to be a small part of your journey! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

27 de jun.
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You were far more than a small part. I love you BIG!

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