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About us..

What Sets Us Apart

Lisa's journey to owning Wedding Belles is not just a story of passion for weddings but also a tale of empathy and determination. From a young age, Lisa's heart was captivated by the magic of weddings, but life led her down a different path, working the typical 9-5 grind. However, her love for all things bridal never waned. In 2013, Wedding Belles began it’s journey in a modest 1400 square foot house on Madison Street, with a small selection of wedding and prom gowns. Despite its humble beginnings, the essence of Wedding Belles—the dedication to providing personalized service and a welcoming atmosphere—shone through from the start. In 2020, the store took a huge step forward by relocating to a spacious 5000 square foot location on Franklin Street. This move not only allowed for a larger, hand curated collection, but also gave the staff more space to continue to create unforgettable bridal experiences.


Owning a bridal store wasn't just about providing bridal attire for Lisa; it's about curating an unforgettable experience for every bride who walks through the door. Lisa understands that each bride is unique, with her own dreams and desires for her special day. That's why she and her team are dedicated to offering personalized service, ensuring that every bride feels excited, happy, and beautiful as she embarks on this journey.

We recognize that being a bride is more than just finding a dress; it's about embracing a vision and bringing it to life. At Wedding Belles, brides will discover a haven where their inspirations can flourish, and their individual styles can shine. Whether a bride has a clear idea of her perfect gown or needs a little guidance, Wedding Belles Consultants are there to make the experience as seamless and joyful as possible.

Moreover, Wedding Belles embraces diversity and inclusivity, understanding that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Every bride deserves to feel stunning on her wedding day, and Lisa and her team are committed to making that a reality for everyBODY.

In Northern Middle Tennessee and beyond, Wedding Belles isn't just a bridal boutique; it's a destination where dreams come true, one gown at a time.

Madison St. Clarksville TN, Wedding Belles old location


Store Front of Wedding Belles Clarksville TN


Inside of old Wedding Belles on Madison St. Clarksville TN
Inside of Wedding Belles Clarksville TN

Our Team

Lisa Forest


Tracey Houston


Nicole Colson

Social Media Manager 

Rachel Walters

Assistant Manager

Hours of Operation

 Monday CLOSED

Tuesday CLOSED

Wednesday 12:00 - 6:00

Thursday 12:00 - 6:00

Friday 12:00 - 6:00

Saturday 10:00 - 6:00 

Sunday 1:00 - 5:00

Wedding Belles Clarksville TN Logo

Tenley Owens

Tuxedo Specialist

Aaliyah White


Greta Linder


Wedding Belles Employees
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