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To Party or Not to Party: The Engagement Party Dilemma!

First off congratulations on getting engaged! Now that the excitement of the proposal has settled in, it's time to tackle the next big question looming over every newly engaged couple: The Engagement Party . But wait a minute, do we really need one? Is it an essential step in the journey towards matrimonial bliss, or just another event to add to the ever-growing list of wedding-related activities?

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Do We Really Have to Party?

You might be wondering, do we really need an engagement party on top of everything else? Well, fear not, dear engaged soul, for the choice is yours! An engagement party is like the appetizer to the main course of your wedding festivities. It sets the tone for the celebrations to come and gives your loved ones a chance to share in your joy before the whirlwind of wedding planning truly begins. But you definitely can skip it, if it's not your vibe!


The Budget Talk: Who Foots the Bill?

Now, here comes the million-dollar question (or maybe just the hundred-dollar question, depending on your budget): Who Pays for the Engagement Party? Traditionally, the bride’s family foots the bill, but hey, we’re in the 21st century, folks! Nowadays, it’s common for the couple to share the costs or even host the party themselves. Remember, it's all about what works best for you and your situation. There's no rules on who has to pay for what anymore!

Let's Get Planning: The Fun Part!

So, you've decided to throw an engagement party – now, onto the fun part, planning! From the location to the theme, the options are endless. You could go for a cozy backyard barbecue, an elegant cocktail soirée, or even a themed party based on your favorite movie or TV show. The key is to make it your own, reflecting your personalities and style. Remember, it’s your party, and you can plan it however you want!

  • Backyard Bliss : If you want to keep it intimate and cozy, a backyard party is the perfect choice. Think fairy lights, picnic blankets, and a DIY bar serving your signature cocktails. Oh, the rustic charm!

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  • Rooftop Rendezvous : Want to elevate your celebration, both literally and figuratively? A rooftop party will surely leave your guests in awe. Don’t forget to check for any height-averse invitees first! The Mailroom has a great outdoor space which I think would be perfect for an engagement party!

  • Vineyard Squad : For the laid-back couple who loves a glass of wine. Hit up either a venue with a vineyard (Namoli Estates in Hopkinsville) or contact Beachaven! We had a bridal shower there once and it was a great location for a get together!

To Sum It Up...

Alrighty, listen up folks! It's decision time: to party or not to party, that is the question! Hosting an engagement bash can be a fab start to your wedding adventure. But hey, if it's not your cup of tea or wallet-friendly, no worries! Just keep in mind, it's all about the love, not the party size. So, whether you throw a bash or not, embrace the love and the crazy ride ahead! Cheers to love, laughter, and happily ever after! Now, go forth and party on, you lovely engaged souls! Are you having or did you have an engagement party? Let me know below!

xo traey

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