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Bridal Shower Planning 101: A Guide to Nailing the Perfect Bash!

Hello Belles and Beaus! Are wedding bells ringing in the distance? Does the thought of organizing a bridal shower send shivers down your spine? Fear not, dear friend, for I am here to rescue you from the depths of bridal shower despair with this ultimate guide that will have you planning like a pro without breaking a sweat! Let's get Carried Away with Bridal Showers!


Step 1: Guest List Galore

Oh man, tackling the guest list is like the ultimate challenge when it comes to planning a bridal shower. Who should make the cut? Aunt Karen with her clumsy spills? Cousin Shannon and her awkward comments? Nancy, who wants to know everything about everyone she meets? Just roll with it! Invite the whole gang and get ready for some awkward and amazing moments! After all, a mix of personalities is what makes a bridal shower fun.

Step 2: Location Location Location

Looking for the perfect place to have a bridal shower? Well basically anywhere! From a loved ones house to a local venue, almost anywhere can be a great location! It's also the foundation of what comes next! You'll wanna have your guest list narrowed down before finding a location. Also if you have something theme wise your thinking about, use the location to build the mood or set the stage! Speaking of awesome places check out The Wren here in Clarksville, TN. It would be the perfect canvas for whatever you are thinking about doing!


Step 3: Theme Dream Team

Imagine a bridal shower without a theme – it's like a wedding without a cake, but way less sweet! Dive into the crazy world of themes, from retro disco to a Mama Mia extravaganza! Need some extra pizzazz? How about a Gatsby shindig that will blind your guests with sequins and glitter overload? Or go all out with a You're my Main Squeeze bash complete with a lemonade bar! The theme possibilities are as endless as a bottomless mimosa brunch. Does the bride adore pink? Embrace the pinkness! The key is to let loose, get wacky, and have a blast!


Step 4: Food Fiascos and Drink Disasters

If there's a secret recipe for a killer bridal shower, it's all about the munchies and sips! Whip up a wild DIY taco fiesta, an ice cream extravaganza, or a mimosa masterpiece towering higher than the Leaning Tower of Pisa! Match your treats to the theme for extra flair. And hey, when it's all about love, calories magically vanish, so go ahead and indulge in all the deliciousness!


Step 5: Games Galore

Get ready to unleash the ultimate party arsenal – the games are here to save the day! Kick off the fun with a thrilling game of Bridal Bingo, show off your inner fashionista with the Toilet Paper Wedding Dress challenge, or brace yourself for the wild ride of the "Who Knows the Bride Best" quiz! Just a friendly reminder: when it's all about spreading love, there's no such thing as a game too cheesy! Let the games begin!


Step 6: Décor Dazzle

Turn your boring space into a bridal extravaganza with some crafty decorations that will have Pinterest feeling major FOMO! Whether you're going all out with flower walls or setting up a photo booth, show off your artistic flair that shines brighter than the bride's bling-bling ring! Here's a top tip from the Bling Queen herself: sprinkle some glitter around – because let's face it, everything is more fabulous with a dash of sparkle!

Alrighty, party people! Behold the ultimate, fail-proof manual to orchestrating a bridal shower extravaganza that will keep tongues wagging (and bellies laughing) until the end of time! So, don your most fabulous apron, round up your sparkliest sequins, and let the bridal bash bonanza begin – because, hey, love is floating around like confetti, and it's high time to throw a celebration that's as classy as it is sassy! Let the planning games begin! Woohoo!

What theme was your shower, or will the shower your planning be? Let me know below!



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